Thursday, October 21, 2010

New less-zany YouTube video - a nice one to promote my books

  Recently, the administrator of a UK forum locked out the post of  my Zany YouTube video about cats  created  for me by artist Neil Deegan. (  The administrator has company becasue I got some hate mail over this from various sources.
 I posted the following reply on the UK forum.
Title: A less Zany YouTube video - a nice one
Dear Administrator,
I told our old friend Hodges that you took umbrage at my sponsorship of Deegan’s “cats-in-the-stockade cartoon”.
As you can imagine, his response was immediate. “What?” he asked, cupping his ear because he couldn’t hear me. He’s quite deaf now, but I nonetheless described our dust up to him.
In the end, I settled for shouting your name at him in my biggest voice. He obviously heard me because his eyes became lively and he smiled. I waited. Then he spoke. “Who?” he asked.
So much for Hodges. In his day, Hodges would have skinned you alive for assailing Deegan’s work and developing an arbitrary standard for excluding the art of the edgy- out there on the edge where creativity expands and nuance is not extinguished by tradition.
Hodges would have told you that Deegan’s modest parody of Swift’s “Modest Proposal” was a work of genius.
But then, as you and I will surely agree, Hodges was always full of shit.
I’ve had Deegan publish a new, nice cartoon that Hodges assures me you will approve. The Link is :

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