Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Novels on Amazon Kindle

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 Everglades photographs taken by my friend Neil Deegan.  Neil is an oil and acrylic artist who designed my book cover for "ERG Unit of Power".   I was with Neil when he took these photos.  Neil likes to walk in the swamp water to take photos for his paintings.  His web page is 

This photo is of the Kirby Storter boardwalk on Rte 41 (Tamiami Trail) between Naples and Miami.  Those beautiful trees are Cypress, that like to live with their roots in water.  This boardwalk and many others were built by the Collier county and are free to the public.

The second photo is of the pool at the end of the boardwalk. An alligator lives in the pool and looks after her young who sometimes can be seen sunning themselves at  the edge of  the pool.  Alligator mothers stay with their young for a year.  Don't go too near baby alligators; the mother is always nearby.  When we were at the pool one day a Red-Shouldered Hawk swooped in to grab a baby alligator.  The hawk missed and the babies scattered.
This third photo is the mother alligator who stays under the water for about 20 minutes at a time.  We waited until she surfaced.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Roger E Craig's Novels now available on Kindle, iPhone, Ipad, PC

N Ft Myers, Florida, United States of America ( Sept. 19, 2010 -- Senator Roger E. Craig's acclaimed novels are now published on Kindle by Neville Publications, Naples FL. The first three of Roger's novels: The Vetowich Wall, ERG Unit of Power, and The Last Aborigine are available. Racy action, love, murder and suspense. All are thrillers. Each one would be perfect for several plane flights.

Craig's novels are also available in paperback from Amazon and other bookstores. Two new Craig books will be published on Kindle in Oct, 2010. We highly recommend buying now as they are initially sold for $0.99 to $3 to test the market. Roger would be delighted if you wrote a review - good or bad. Free Craig eBooks for reviewers.

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Neville Publications, Naples, FL

Roger's Ravings Sept 19, 2010

Sept. 19, 2010
Dear readers and authors:
Most of my life I lived and worked in Detroit, Michigan as a Trial Lawyer.  Now I live on the Gulf of Mexico in beautiful Naples on the west coast of Florida.  I was a Democratic State Senator in Michigan until the voters decided they wanted someone else.  No!  I lie.  The real reason I didn't get reelected was the guy who usually managed my election campaign was sick that year. Left to my own devices, I didn't spend enough time talking with my constituents. So they forgot about me.  In that respect, a writer is a bit like a politician. You have to talk with your readers or they forget about you.

A principal difference between a politician and a writer is that a politician has a ton of money to spend on promotion and a writer has little or none.  Unless, of course, you are a super successful writer and by that time you don't need any promotion.  Here is how we writers can solve this problem.  We gather together a band of volunteers (other writers) and run a campaign to extract funds from our readers with letters and Emails.  "Dear readers, please send funds to my Paypal account!!! "  That was the commercial and so on to more fun things.

As I said, I now live in Naples overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.  This morning I set out on my usual swim into the Gulf to snorkel down to a coral reef.  It's my exercise for the day.  The reef lies in about 30 feet of water, about 300 yards off my condo and the water at this time of year is about 85 degrees.  My sincere condolences to my friends in Michigan and places north.  This morning the water was clear enough to see the bottom.  A few small fish were swimming around, but an unusual large white object was draped across a sandy patch between some rocks.  I inhaled and exhaled a few times and dived down.  As I neared the white object it shimmered and shook off sand and rose off the bottom.  Imagine my delight to see a large manta ray rise up to meet me.  I've dived on this reef for years and I'm used to seeing sharks, barracuda, dolphins, tarpon and every fish that lives here.  But I had never seen a manta ray up close.  I knew they didn't usually attack swimmers so I wasn't worried. It was huge.  It banked away from me with a curve of its wings and sailed away gracefully into the gloom surrounding us.
Peace, my friends.
Naples, FL

                   ERG Unit of Power
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A thriller of a novel  - Suspense - political - Elite strike force - Mercenary soldiers  - fighting - love

Outraged by the terrorist attacks and frustrated by Congressional interference with his use of the military, the President, using private funds provided by his oil buddies, establishes his own elite strike force.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My novels now sellling on Amazon KIndle UK

My novels went live on Amazon Kindle USA and UK in August, 2010.  Initially, sales were slow but have now picked and today I recorded my first UK sale "ERG Unit of Power".