Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FREE new novel: The Magician's Wrestler

FREE PDF download of my, Roger E Craig's latest Kindle book, the first of the Magician series "The Magician's Wrestler" . Find it on the home page of my publisher's website http://www.nevillepublications.com/.
Download the file and Email it to your Kindle and feel free to send the link to your friends or to forums.

Or buy it on Amazon Kindle
[[ASIN:B0047DW7BG The Magician's Wrestler]]

Roger E Craig
Four novels on Kindle:

The Vetowich Wall       -   - The inventor is too clever and may get himself killed
The Last Aborigine            - Danny Doyle has crossed the Detroit mob and has to flee to Australia
 ERG Unit of Power          -The US President has formed a Secret Army with surprising results
The Magician's Wrestler    - Eric, the Magician/ Lawyer is holding his life together.

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